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Bad Ice Cream - the Tastiest and the Most Exciting Gaming Content

Bad Ice Cream is a game that has gained its great popularity incredibly quickly! What is the secret element that brought so much attention to the game? Perhaps, this is its great cartoonish design, adorable exciting plot, interesting characters, cheerful music or great sound and visual effects? The game has so many pros that it is difficult to say what exactly has made it so special.

The main idea of the game is to collect wall-fruit and other ups fast and carefully. You shall be in a hurry not to melt and wake your enemies up! This game is funny, cheerful, entertaining and very exciting. Playing it, you will notice how quickly you get some positive vibes and great mood.

Bad Ice Cream

Currently, there are more than 3 variations of the original game. However, you won't deny the charming attraction of similar games that are inspired by the original version. The game combines several genres like quests, arcades, and adventures.

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Ice Cream Flavors

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